Say hello to our wonderful volunteer specialists! They’re here to answer any questions you have within their specialities. Just find the specialist who fits your problem and send them an email at the provided email address. If they think they can help they’ll write you back and post their response on this page to help others in similar situations to you.


Psychologist & Sex Therapist

Alexa is a psychologist and soon to become sexologist/sex therapist. She is passionate and curious about the intersection between mental and sexual health, with a particular interest in sex positive education. It is her mission to teach people how to deal with their sexuality in a safe and satisfactory manner.

Currently, Alexa is getting her Master’s Degree in Sexology and focusing her research in female pleasure.


Counsellor & Wellness Entrepreneur

Kelly is one of our top specialists. She has a psychology degree and a diploma in therapeutic counselling followed by years of experience in the industry. Her approach draws on various types of counselling including person-centred, psychodynamic and humanistic.

Kelly has an ongoing interest in mental and emotional health as well as physical health and fitness, which has led her to develop a wider holistic approach to wellbeing. Kelly also practices reiki and has just completed a certified course in health & nutrition life coaching as well as starting yoga teacher training.


Nutritionist & Positivity Coach

Isobel is a 22-year-old student in her final year, where she studies Nutrition and Food Science. She has also founded her own Health and Wellness business where she guides people with their healthy living journeys; clean/sustainable beauty and positive mindsets, to step into their power and potential in business! She adores helping others enhance their lifestyles and feel incredible in their own skin!

She also loves adventure and travel, as well as exercise (especially Pilates and HIIT). Isobel is all about positivity, empowerment and sustainability. She’ll help as much as she can in any of the areas mentioned, specifically Nutrition, Wellness and Empowerment.

Email: askisobel@thenewfeminist.co.uk
Instagram: @izzyhartnoll


Financial Advisor

Phillippina is a powerhouse of a woman. She is a mother to twins and a teenager and if that isn’t enough she has chosen a career within financial services. Phillipina has over ten years in the industry, starting at Halifax Bank as a financial advisor. She transitioned into Wealth Management as a publicist for an FTSE 100. She witnessed and endured the male patriarchy in all its glory and yet made sure she did not allow it to change her spirit, leaving that energy at the revolving security-manned door! She soon landed a contract with the Financial Conduct Authority as Project Manager, heading regional events across the UK.

Managing a growing family also meant finding more autonomy in her role which fits around her day-to-day responsibilities, therefore becoming a self-employed Insurance Specialist quickly became the best route for her. She is passionate about empowering women to become savvier with their money whilst protecting what matters most – regardless of their current situation.

Disclaimer: Though all of our specialists have heaps of experience and knowledge within their field, not all of our specialists are fully qualified or licensed to give advice yet (specified in bios). If you’re in trouble or need medical/professional attention, please contact the appropriate authorities. Take everything with a pinch of salt and think of our specialists as trusted friends who just want to help the best they can!





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