Founder & Editor In Chief

“My sister once said that it only takes one experience for a woman to realise that she’s a feminist. Well, mine was in my first year of uni when my best friend got raped by a stranger on campus. I’ve never looked back since then. The first time I saw her after it happened, was almost 24 hours later, after she had been thoroughly harassed by doctors and the police. She looked at me and I looked at her and we didn’t say anything. She wasn’t wearing her own clothes and she had bruising and cuts on her neck and face. We just hugged and cried. But it was that moment of emotion-filled stillness that made me finally stop to ask myself the all-important questions: Why? Why her? Who would do this? Why would a strange man do this to a young girl? She was scarred for life, simply because a man couldn’t ‘control his urges’. I then fell down a feminist rabbit hole and the further I fell the more issues I saw arise within the society we live in and a woman’s role in that society.

Supporting women is now my life mission and by my last year of university I clambered my way up to Feature Editor of my student paper and spent most of my time using that ever so small platform to share women’s stories, and I got pretty good at it too – I was fortunate enough to win a national student journalism award for best feature (SPA).

Fast forward to 2020 and I’m suddenly struggling to get a job during a worldwide pandemic and all that’s left for me to do is to create my own job. By combining my skills and passions I realised creating a feminist magazine was a great path for me. This project is so very important to me because not only do I get to pursue my dream, but I can finally stand up and actually give women a meaningful platform. Call me crazy for trying to be the next Gloria Steinem, but I’ve got the bug, and I won’t stop until womxn have the rights we deserve. Until we can walk down the street at night without fear and until we can be treated with the same respect a man is treated with, I won’t stop.”



Social Media Coordinator

Emily is interested in all areas of media with an emphasis on social media. She also loves dancing, writing, photography and videography. She believes it’s important for females to support each other, because in the words of Beyoncé, ‘who run the world? Girls!’


Creative Director

A Lusaka-raised, London-based Creative Designer with a strong passion in feminism, skills in Graphic Design, Motion Graphics and Illustration. She began her career in Business Management and later decided to follow her creative passions as a designer.



News & Politics Editor

Tallulah is a freelance journalist and recent MA Gender, Society and Representation graduate where she researched the targeting of young Muslim men in British counter-terrorism policy. She’s interested in intersectional feminism and she’s committed to keeping it in the public.


Entertainment Editor

Mandy is a Journalism graduate and freelance writer influenced by the most intricate and empowering stories this world can produce. She absolutely adores blogging, photography, fashion and escaping reality by consuming a classic Nolan movie!


Life Stories Editor

Valeria Camerino is a UK-based journalist, writer, gender equality advocate, and globetrotter. Her debut novel, ‘The World Through Your Eyes’, is due to be published by Guernica Editions in 2022. She is passionate about food, flamenco music, foreign cultures, and the irony of the human condition.


Lifestyle Editor

Nikole has graduated University with a Bachelors in English and a Minor in Gender, Women, Sexuality Studies and hopes to bring her studies into a group of amazing creators and viewers. Her hopes are to spread love and acknowledgment for those that experience inequality.


Culture Editor

Maura Wiley is currently obtaining her Master’s in communication at the College of Charleston. She has previously written for a fitness magazine in Charleston, South Carolina. In her free time she likes to play with her two dogs and cook for friends and family.


Fashion & Beauty Sub-Editor

Tammi is a graduate in sexuality and gender studies and has a particular interest in beauty, masculinities, and the media. She wants to educate people about social issues that affect society, especially womxn. She is interested in fashion, beauty, and wrestling.


Entertainment Editor

Melita is a huge film and series buff, having subscriptions to numerous VOD platforms and channels, she watches every premiere and spends 12 hours a day doing so. She is an avid reviewer and film artist, having created her own films as well. With multiple degrees in performance art, languages, literature and gender studies, she has considered herself a feminist since she was a child.




Daisy is currently completing her Undergraduate degree in Journalism and History at Goldsmiths University. She is a proud part-time Londoner, hamster owner, shoe addict and tea drinker.



Chidinma is a writer who loves seeing womxn win – as they should. When she’s not copywriting, you’ll find her raiding a fridge or trying out clothes she’ll never wear.



As a recent graduate in Organised Crime, Terrorism & Security, Ioana’s main subjects of interest focus on: victimology, gender inequality and social justice. She has always loved writing, it is her favourite form of expression, protest and communication. Ioana’s feminism journey started as soon as she finally understood what feminism means and how important this movement is for so many women around the world. And ever since, she has continued to proudly identify herself as a feminist!



Shana is an ambitious and talented journalist interested in reporting on issues that matter to all womxn. As an American living in London, she has an extensive interest in politics worldwide.



Annice is a keen writer with multiple blogs, and her own self-published book. She loves anything creative, working on her travel plans and learning her latest language—Dutch!



Atoosa is a communications professional with a BA in International Relations from the University of Sussex and is currently studying an MA in Broadcast Journalism at Westminster University. Some of her feminist interests include women’s rights in Islamic theocracies and the potential for upholders of feminism in the west to facilitate and support dissident Muslims in their quest for equal gender rights, and, ways the global community can work towards ensuring solutions to modern day problems be more gender balanced.


Opinion Editor

As an English Literature undergrad, Lucy’s interest in women’s writing has transpired into journalism. Lucy admires platforms like The New Feminist who fight back against these issues daily.



Taneia is a graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in public health. She aspires to become a health educator to improve the health of those in low-income and minorities.



Katie is an English Lit undergrad and aspiring journalist. She is passionate about learning more about the stories and experiences of empowered womxn. Through her writing, Katie endeavours to take a microscope to issues that affect womxn every day and hopes that her work at TNF will encourage many more open conversations and discussions around these issues. When not writing, Katie loves socialising with friends, reading and singing her heart out to her favourite country playlist!



Graphic Designer

Karina is a young multifaceted creative and blogger who is passionate about digital media and quality education. She strives  for a world where gender equity is the order of the day and equal opportunities are afforded to all genders.


Graphic Designer

For as long as I remember I have been interested in women’s rights and equality. It was not till I started reading about feminism that I learnt that I have been a feminist for a very long time.

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