Here at The New Feminist, ​we uplift, empower and inspire women. Many of us are afraid to say the words “I am a feminist” and we would like to finally eradicate that stigma. It should never be frowned upon to want equality and safety. We aim to help women starting off in their feminism journey by sharing helpful and informative content, ranging from sex to politics. For years, women have grown up with magazines filled with internalised misogyny and toxic ideals. We have taken it into our own hands to finally create what a woman’s magazine should look like. At The New Feminist, we promise to show you what real feminism means; to finally create a fifth and unbreakable wave of feminism.

The New Feminist…
• Helps women understand what feminism is.
• Understands what women go through and shares those experiences.
• Creates a community to help women feel safe and supported, and encourages women to support each other.
• Sparks critical thinking about society and the place/role women have within it.
• Informs and updates women on feminist news.

Our Story
We’re brand new! Founded by award-winning journalist, Ellie Macieira-Fielding in December 2020. It started as a passion project where Ellie used her personal blog to continue her passion for writing, post-graduation. After becoming a ‘new feminist’ herself, and finally understanding how vital the movement is to women everywhere, Ellie decided to help others like her understand feminism the way she had grown to understand it. We want women to come together and learn to support each other. Although we’re babies in the media, look out because we have a lot of exciting projects planned; from content to campaigns! Once you find us, you won’t want to leave.

Welcome to our community, new feminists! We see you, we value you and we love you.

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