The New Feminist is an online and digital intersectional feminist magazine that thrives on asking the right questions. ​We aim to empower women while eradicating the stigma that surrounds the feminist movement. Our motto is anyone can be a feminist and we uphold that motto by sharing helpful and informative content, ranging from sex to politics that aims to both entertain and spark important conversations about equality. For years, women have grown up with magazines filled with internalised misogyny and toxic ideals. We have taken it into our own hands to finally create what a woman’s magazine should look like.

Ellie Macieira-Fielding

I founded The New Feminist because, on my late journey into feminism, I struggled to find a space that felt accessible and digestible to ‘the new feminist’, where I could learn about the movement without feeling overwhelmed. In many ways, I still am a new feminist, still learning and trying to navigate the complicated world of feminism. Being around the media in the early 2000s led me to believe feminists were the antithesis of “desirable” women.

While at university, I became the feature editor of my student paper where I was fortunate enough to win a national journalism award for best feature (SPA). It was through writing and listening to the stories of women that I realised we were all connected by something: a life experience that told us we were worth less than a man and the fire within us to fight against it. After that, I decided to actively seek out feminist communities, to dedicate my life to fighting for equality. So, with this in mind and as an avid magazine lover, I decided to create my own space; a space for old and ‘new feminists’, a space I’d like to share with you.

Adam Saraswati

I’m a feminist because we live in a world where I can’t afford to be complicit in misogyny.

Alex Puckett
News Editor

I am a feminist because I represent all the women before me, and all the women to come after me.

Daisy Edwards

I’m a feminist because 97% is just too high a number.

Dominique Dierks
IMHO Editor

I’m a feminist because I’m tired of the stigma that exist around the word feminism. Women wanting a seat at the table (any table!) is not an extreme concept. We all deserve to be our own unique selves without being disadvantaged or discriminated against because of who we are.

Kiana Baker-Sohn

I’m a feminist because we all deserve the space and the peace to simply be, whoever we most want, without the threat of oppression, violence, and structural inequity. In the pursuit of this, feminism for me is a deeply political identity, practice and commitment. It is a practice of solidarity, resilience, community and self-reflection.

Lillian Race

I’m a feminist because I’m really, really angry. When expressed and translated into action, anger can be a crucial source of liberation and empowerment for all.

Sameena Khan

I’m a feminist because I see inequality as a core issue, and I’m passionate about challenging it. My goal is to elevate the voices of all, working towards a more open and just society.

Octavia Perry

I am a feminist because I believe in equal rights and opportunities for all. I value sharing meaningful stories from different perspectives and want to give a voice to those silenced throughout history.

Jessica Blair

I am a feminist because there is joy and power in coming together against the systems that work to oppress us all.

Arya Nanda

I’m a feminist because I think any reasonable person would choose to be one . In this age of AI and tech, equality shouldn’t be a revolutionary idea. It should be the norm.

Victoria Arul

I am a feminist because of the simplicity of empowerment. I want to be a part of a movement that tells more stories about amazing heroines in the world, playing crucial roles, from pioneers in small communities to entrepreneurial girl-bosses, that younger girls can aspire towards.

Jenn Latta

I am a feminist because too many women’s rights issues are decided by men, and that’s getting us nowhere.

Ollie Bartolowicz

I am a feminist because we have a voice and it should be heard.

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