21 Helpful Podcasts For Girl Bosses

In 2020, there was a SURGE of girl bosses. Whether you started your own earring Etsy shop, clothing brand or tech company, there’s one thing we all share in common and that is that we know how hard it can be to start something from the ground up. Well, being the founder of The New Feminist, I can now totally understand the struggle, and often when looking for help online, I found that podcasts help me get through the process a lot. So we’ve compiled a list of 21 of our favourite podcasts that will help every type of girl boss.

1. Girl Boss Radio with Sophia Amoruso
Girl Boss Radio​ is an amazing podcast, and certainly one of our favourites! Hosted by founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso, this podcast focuses on the self-made woman and the ins and outs of the entrepreneurial world. Every episode features a different girl boss and talks about their success and their defeats. Expect honesty, vulnerability and a lot of laughs. Not to forget it’s a super useful source of information and motivation if you’re new to the #girlbosslife.

2. Being Boss
Being Boss​, hosted by Emily Thompson, is a fantastic podcast for the business nitty-gritty. Helping you through things from creating a business plan to time management. This podcast is a must if you’re looking for a non-boring way to get information on your journey to becoming a great girl boss.

3. Pitch Makeover
Pitch Makeover​ is a fascinating approach to the business world. Think fashion makeover, but make it ~ Business. Hosted by Natalia Oberti Noguera, the podcast spotlights startups launched by women, non-binary people and women and men of colour, and focusses on pitching and investing. Make sure you add this to your podcast queue because it’s a total must if you’re planning on starting a business

4. Brown Ambition
Brown Ambition​ is a totally inspiring podcast for new entrepreneurs. Hosted by Mandi Woodruff (NYC Journalist) and Tiffany ‘the budgetnista’ Aliche, the podcast focuses on building wealth on your own terms while juggling life and work. These ladies KNOW how to handle money, so if you’re looking for advice within finance, this is the podcast for you. Plus, it’s super entertaining…who knew money could be fun!

5. Women Taking The Lead
Women Taking the Lead​ is a super popular podcast, it started in 2015 and has since taken the #1 position in Itunes’ ‘New & Noteworthy category under business, career, society and culture. It does exactly what it says it does and inspires women to take the lead. An incredibly motivational podcast that teaches women important skills in the workplace, while being funny and entertaining. It’s host Jodi Flynn is life-changing and trust us when we say that you’ll end up binging this within the week.

6. Beyond The Business Suit
Beyond The Business Suit​ i​s dedicated to helping women find and keep leadership roles, and uncovering what it is that helps women succeed. Host Kailei Carr offers insight on how to help women avoid common pitfalls, interviews women who are experts in their fields and spotlights subjects that are of interest to us all. You will learn so much, and finish each episode feeling secure in your own ability to achieve.

7. The Femails
Hosted by the “Career Contessa” Lauren McGoodwin, each season of the upbeat show, The Femails​ grapples with a different aspect of the job experience, and aims to help its listeners feel fulfilled in their careers. Past seasons have centred on themes such as courage and comebacks, and season 5 is all about bringing in listener questions. If you’ve ever wanted to listen to a team of brilliant special guests solve a problem you’ve been having at work, this is your chance.

8. Women At Work
From the team at the ​Harvard Business Review,​ ​Women At Work​ is a first-rate podcast about – you guessed it – working women. They are currently in the middle of their fourth season. In which they’re covering topics such as salaries, sponsorship (as opposed to mentorship), and self-care. Hosted by Amy Bernstein, Amy Gallo and Nicole Torres, these incredibly thoughtful episodes provide content that will help you feel more comfortable in your own trajectory.

9. The Winning Season
Hosted by bestselling author Jacqueline Twillie, The Winning Season​ is for women who lead in industries that are primarily dominated by men (which is pretty much every industry, sadly). The episodes answer a wide range of questions: everything from how to negotiate to tips for better understanding your finances. These are short pep talk-length shows that will help you make better use of your commute.

10. Switch, Pivot or Quit
From Ahyiana Angel comes ​Switch, Pivot or Quit​, an inspiring podcast about what it’s like to completely overhaul your career path – something she has done herself, going from a life as a sports entertainment publicist to one as an author. The episodes offer a lot of different formats, with both pithy advice segments and longer interviews with special guests. If you yourself have been considering a change, check out this show for some insightful solidarity.

11. Women Inspiring Women
If you need a podcast to convince you that you too can achieve your dreams, ​Women Inspiring Women ​is a great listen. Host Melanie Mitro built her online fitness business while living as a stay-at-home mom, and over the course of the podcast will teach you how you can do it too. Each episode is full of both information and encouragement, and hearing her story might be just the push you need.

12. Stand Out, Get Noticed
If you’re already in the business world, ​Stand Out, Get Noticed​ is a podcast perfect for helping you enhance your performance. And making the moves to take yourself to the next level. With over 250 episodes, Christina Canters has been an incredible asset to her listeners. She’s teaching them about how they too can separate from themselves from the pack in their chosen fields.

13. I Want Her Job
Every week, meet women changing the future of business on I Want Her Job: The Podcast, an iTunes Top 100 Career Podcast. Join Co-founder, host and editor Polina Selyutin as she discusses entrepreneurship, insecurities, finding flexibility, side hustles and more with other women who are bravely creating their own jobs or changing their industries.

14. Ctrl, Alt, Delete
Ctrl, Alt, Delete is hosted by Emma Gannon and has been nominated for a WEBBY, been recommended by Sunday Times ‘top 50 podcasts’, voted one of the ’30 best podcasts for curious minds’ by WIRED magazine and selected in ‘best podcasts of 2017’ by ESQUIRE. Emma interviews people she admires in the themes of her first book with the same title. Topics include creativity, work, wellbeing, the internet, social media, feminism, identity, mental health, careers and everything in between. Past guests including Lena Dunham, Gillian Anderson, Liz Gilbert, Alice Levine, Zoella, June Sarpong, Dawn O’Porter, Rowan Blanchard, Will Young and Mara Wilson to name a few.

15. Tara Brach
Have you recently wanted to punch your computer? Felt the need to shout at your boss? Are you in other works completely and utterly stressed at your job? Then Barch is here to help! As a western teacher of Buddhist meditation, her meditations and talks help you to breath and feel at peace at work and within other aspects of your life. So if you’re finding it hard to relax or focus in the workplace / on the job hunt (a.k.a., everyone), this podcast will help you relax, reframe, and just be more present, wherever you are.

16. The Angie Lee Show
“Angie Lee is your hilarious and wicked smart business bestie you’ve always wanted”, this podcast​ promises. Her specialities: Helping women master their sales + marketing (in a non-boring way), so they can make money doing what they love. Lee went from being in debt to running a seven-figure business — so if you want tips for making your business successful financially, you need to listen to this podcast.

17. Bad With Money
Comedian and New York Times best-selling author Gaby Dunn (aka America’s Deadbeat Sweetheart) unapologetically examines the intersection of finances and social justice. Every week, Gaby brings a queer, feminist, unabashedly radical point of view to conversations with journalists, politicians, activists, and fellow deadbeats.

18. Hiding In The Bathroom
Hiding In The Bathroom, is where ceiling breakers, entrepreneurs and work-life rebels share skills, survival strategies and a-ha moments. Tune in as host Morra Aarons-Mele helps you create your own version of success even on days you feel like hiding in the bathroom.

19. Women, Worth & Work
This podcast comes from the creators of Mavenly + Co, an online community all about self-discovery and designing a lifestyle with purpose. Whether it’s about trusting your intuition, budgeting to create financial freedom, finding peace through meditation, or anything in between, this podcast has got you covered. Overflowing with life advice from authors, entrepreneurs, and even doctors, there’s an episode of this podcast perfect for everyone.

20. No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis
Have a dream but don’t know where to begin? Looking for wisdom from women who’ve already “been there?” Whether you’re looking for answers or you just want to hear a good story, you’re in the right place. Hosted by ABC News Emmy Award-winning journalist and Chief Business, Technology & Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis, “No Limits” is where the most-impressive women in the world go to let their guards down and share honest stories about what it really takes to build an empire.

21. The Lively Show
Business coach Jess Lively doesn’t buy the idea of “​the hustle​”. Instead, she advocates for a “deeper and more effective approach to life,” aka better work-life balance. Geared toward women entrepreneurs, her podcast gives supportive guidance on how to thrive in your work life—rather than grind yourself into the ground.

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