How To Curve Your Fast Fashion Longing & Emit Climate Gracious Behaviour

We’ve all had our moments lusting after an item on Misguided for efficient next day delivery. But although our heart is set in the right place of just wanting to feel good or surprising a loved one, we are still unintentionally causing greater harm to our beautiful planet. To make amends and prevent this from continuing, here are a few alternative ways to revive your wardrobe without the damage.

Purchasing from sustainable brands
House of Sunny, Pangaia and Lucy & Yak are a few sustainable and diverse brands that are established on ethically sourced materials. The materials utilised uphold a high standard of environmentally friendly clothes that are just as stylish as to what fast fashion has to offer. It has been professionally stated, it takes up to ‘2,700 litres of water to make 1 cotton t-shirt’, which as you can comprehend generates a large amount of water wastage. So, sustainable brands are excelling in reducing the amount of water that is wasted while also using materials that have been recycled.

Second-hand shopping
Once you get past the ick of wearing clothes that have previously been worn by strangers, you start to appreciate and become rather addicted to the array of possibilities you can stumble upon when second-hand shopping. From designer gems to vintage garments, it is just as exciting as buying them directly from their website but with a more desirable value of purchasing them at a considerably cheaper price. As a recent graduate, nothing was more satisfying than when I was able to visit a vintage fayre and I was able to discover two branded and fantastic quality denim jackets all for the measly price of £28. What is not to love, when you are walking away with something you admire whilst also having saved a ton of money and contributed to an environmentally secure purchase?

Swapping wardrobes with friends
If both you and your bestie are finding it difficult to switch up your styles…then why not switch wardrobes and create outfits with the borrowed items and with something you already have. It is common sense and something we have experienced with our families, especially when you have younger siblings who have experienced your hand me downs or like me have them pinching your fave items on the regular. You aren’t spending a penny and all your clothes are getting another chance and being adored and worn.

Ok, it is safe to say not all of us were blessed with the creative spark of transforming an item of clothing we have in the back of our wardrobe, to a revitalised stylish piece. But where is the harm in learning and attempting to release the inner fashion designer in us while also crafting a stunning new item? The extremely talented, Lisa Mecham, very fortunately gifted her fashion enthusiasts with ’21 Easy Ways To Makeover your Closet’, a fresh intake on clothes revival,  featured on her ‘Creative Fashion Blog’. It gives step by step instructions to transform jeans, tops, shoes, and bags in a matter of minutes. It is definitely worth the read if you have some time on your hands or are feeling inspired to have a go!

Now you have some effective suggestions on how to restyle your wardrobe, keep in mind you’re doing better for the earth than you think. It is easier to buy something instantly online without a second thought, but it is far more problematic to fix the irreversible damage that is being caused to our climate on a daily basis.