Feel-Good Tracks That Are Getting Us Through Lockdown 3.0

Although lockdown is currently causing us to remain distant from everything and everyone that excites us, we still have to make the most of this dire situation. Immersing your atmosphere with music that is empowering and hypes you up is a great way to harmonise your day but also influences you to stay in touch with your besties with virtual listening parties that will enable to be on that good level just as if you were together in person.

Best FriendSaweetie ft Doja Cat

‘Best Friend’ is the perfect anthem to do exactly that, with lyricism genius, Saweetie and Doja Cat convey best friend goals with empowering lines that illustrate financial independence successfully breaking the walls of male superiority that traditionally states women need a partner to excel further in life. The two proud women thrive off each other’s success and emphasises women supporting women which we admire immensely.

Midnight SkyMiley Cyrus

When Miley and Liam officially ended their turbulent relationship with a divorce last year, no one would have expected a powerful track to be released soon after, detailing their relationship. The song was a success and resonated with listeners across the world, many of whom were also facing a similar situation with a partner. ‘Midnight Sky’ breathes personal growth and exhales a journey of self-love and discovery a vital message for our young people.

De Una VezSelena Gomez

Embracing her beautiful Latin heritage, Selena Gomez’s new song ‘De Una Vez’, is addictive in its stunning melodies and lyrics that tell a story of a healing heart. With lyrics such as, “I don’t have you, I have myself” and “now this chest is bulletproof” are all striking a chord with those experiencing a painful break up or a long-lost love that left them wounded. The song is optimism for those who are currently hurting as there will be a wave of self-love and respect for oneself that will lead them to a stronger state of being.

Chemtrails Over the Country ClubLana Del Rey

With her highly anticipated seventh studio album being released next month, Lana recently treated her beloved fans to ‘Chemtrails Over the Country Club’, the phenomenal title track of her new album. The song is a fresh intake on many conspiracy theories centred on chemtrails but intertwined with a stunning display of a summer’s days in suburbia. It is superbly melodic and serene making it just the track to have playing in the background as a refresher to your busy day.

Don’t Start NowDua Lipa

Relationships aside, we battle our own demons on a regular basis, especially in lockdown where being on our own is now a regular occurrence. Dua Lipa’s ‘Don’t Start Now’ is one of those songs that can be interpreted to fit one’s own situation and still provide a hit of dopamine to your day. The lyrics are empowering complimenting the uplifting rhythm that will make you take control of your day and seek a brighter outlook on a dreary or bothersome situation.

Girls Who Get ReadyCosima

Cosima released ‘Girls who get ready’ back in 2017 and it recently resurfaced back in Spotify claiming an honourable position on numerous playlists. Truly a feel-good song, the lyrics applaud all the women who get themselves up in the morning and emphasises the freedom to love ourselves with or without makeup and without the validation from a man. In an interview with Dazed, Cosima said: “Every woman has her own unique way of how she came to be, it’s really important that women are able to share that and draw on those moments.” A very important message for women to stop doubting their past and instead utilise it as a tool for growth.

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