15 Sex-Positive Instagram Accounts To Follow

My world is full of sexuality professionals so I was initially shocked when people would share that I was the first sexologist, educator, or coach they had met – especially if we were talking about online spaces. While I see sexuality professionals as loud and proud individuals, our existence continues to be taboo and therefore hidden from many. 

We’re not here to hide and we don’t want you to either.

Whether you have some favourite sex folks you follow or you are new to this world, check out the below list for a great mix of people with different foci but all seeking to support individuals in feeling validated and sexually empowered. 

Fabulous Therapists with Awesome Content

Sonalee Rashatwar – @thefatsextherapist

Dr. Lexx Brown-James – @lexxsexdoc


Dr. Donna Oriowo – @annodright

Shadeen Francis –@shadeenfrancis

Prolific Online Workshop & Course Creators

Luna Dietrich – @luna__dietrich

Luna Matatas –@lunamatatas

Dr. Bianca Laureano – @Latinegrasexologist

Sex Toy Reviews Extraordinaires 

Carly S. – @makeupandsin

Cy of Super Smash Cache – @supersmashcache

Educators who are constantly dropping hella valuable knowledge & truths

Melissa Pintor Carnagey – @sexpositive_families


Tai – @Taidraws 

Dalychia & Rafaella –@afrosexology

Portia – @froeticsexology


@drewgurza who runs disabilityafterdark

Michelle Hy – @polyamorouswhileasian

Many, if not all, of the people listed use their platform to inspire change and to speak to issues of marginalization, power, oppression, and strength. It is not enough to be sex positive if we are not also anti-racist, anti-transphobic, anti-fat phobic, anti-ableist, and so on.

Please also note that this is not a full list by any means. A lot of these accounts belong to people I know, some of whom I’ve worked with in the past, and whose accounts inspire me in some way. But there are so many others! In fact, I follow over 700 accounts, most of which are sexuality related folks, on my own insta @Yaelthesexgeek.

If you prefer Twitter, look up the incredible @dirtylola and swipe through her loladex for folks to follow on Twitter. 

Let me know who your favorites are in the comments!