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5 feminist podcasts to listen to this summer

As the vaccine continues to roll out throughout the UK and people are able to leave their house it is time to rack up your playlists for your summer commutes. Whether it is heading back to the office or going to meet some friends we have the perfect feminist podcasts to fill your travel times. Ranging from feminism in films to current events these funny, thought-provoking, and informative podcasts are perfect to listen to on a long walk or tube ride.

Bechdel Cast

Hosted by Caitlin Durante and Jamie Loftus, two Los-Angeles based comedians, this podcast discusses feminism in film. They use the Bechdel Test to rate and guide discussions about feminism and female representation in movies. To pass the Bechdel Test a film has to have at least two female-identifying characters talking to each other about something other than a man. As the podcasts point out unfortunately this is a hard test to pass especially for older movies. These comedic women cover films ranging from 10 Things I Hate About You, Jurassic Park, Promising Young Women, and so much more.

Call Your Girlfriend

This podcast between two long-distance, feminist best friends discusses current events, women’s health and the workplace. Hosts Aminatou Sow and Ann Freidman use the Shine Theory to uplift and cultivate women and femme-identifying people and their relationships.

While putting an emphasis on strong womxn friendships they discuss important topics while maintaining their long-distance friendship. My personal favourite episode is ‘Pelvic Power.’ The hosts discuss the importance of pelvic health and talk to a number of women’s healthcare professionals such as a midwife, a registered nurse, and a pelvic physical therapist. The hosts are honest and ask the questions a lot of women need answers to.

Sooo Many White Guys

Although the latest episode is from 2019, the topics discussed are still very relevant two years later. Phoebe Robinson who is also the host of 2 Dope Queens discusses a range of topics with prominent and badass people who are not white men. Don’t worry she still throws in the token white guy here and there. She interviews powerful women like Lizzo, Awkwafina, Jameela Jamil, AND Gloria Steinem. Do I need to say anything else? Go listen right now!

Women’s Hour

To keep up with current events on a global level listen to this podcast. It specifically relates to women’s issues while exploring a wide range of subjects such as homelessness and race. BBC’s podcast amplifies women’s voices and dives into subjects that are unfortunately not widely explored. The podcast discusses women’s orgasms, women in gaming, and highlights prominent women in different industries. Want to be informed about current events and learn new things about women’s issues? This is the podcast for you.

The Receipts

This podcast is perfect for long travels as the episode tend to run over an hour. These three strong women discuss race, religion, and everything in between. They use their platform to discuss issues unfiltered. Check out Ghana, Tolly, and Milena to hear their views on pop culture, sex, and generally how women are treated. My favourite episode is ‘All Men’, they discuss race as well as women’s autonomy within this episode.

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