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The female YouTubers who are making motivational efforts to reach and inspire success

We all have our favourite influencers and creators who inspire and motivate us to make positive changes in our day-to-day life. In a society where actuality is blurred by materialistic ideals, many people in the content creator fields start to lose touch with who they truly are and become shadows of their former selves. However, there is still gratitude for the authentic groups of YouTubers who can create genuine content, which reflects their personalities and their values; even when presenting an ideal lifestyle that can be reached by hard work.

Sophia and Cinzia

The budding best friends started their channel back in 2014 with ‘Lookbooks’, ‘Get Ready with Us’ videos, and holiday vlogs capturing stunning moments of their time in Barcelona, Rome and Milan. Since then, they have attracted a 367K following, a clothing line, a successful podcast titled ‘The Girls Bathroom’ and a live show. But what makes their content truly enjoyable to watch, is their sisterly bond, genuine comical moments and inspiring advice on going outside of one’s comfort zone and owning one’s identity. The Girls Bathroom podcast offers realistic and relevant moments as they give advice on body, health,  family, relationship and friendship issues; whilst remaining true to themselves and offering both sensitivity and humour. Their videos cover travel, fashion, food, health, real talk and days in the life; a perfect collection for that much-needed encouragement to live your best life.


We have all, at one point experienced difficulties making our money stretch, especially at university when we have spent that tad bit of left-over money on pricey takeouts instead of fresh groceries that could feed us for the week. Taz, her heartfelt poetry, witty humour and love for bargains, is someone we all wish we could have in our life. The majority of her videos are built on saving money by hunting cheap travel and quality foods through a fantastical array of convenient solutions. There is an essence of vulnerability and knowledge from surviving outside of education, in her videos that you are able to relate to.

Her poetry reflects her inner struggles with depression, and that in itself is a remarkable trait to have; to be able to turn such pain into art so people can find solace and not feel alone is truly admirable. She is a gift to the platform and the 1.48 million subscribers very much illustrate the quality of her individuality, merchandise, art and content.

Anastasia Kingsnorth

Once known as ‘Floral Princess’, Miss Kingsnorth, has come a long way since making her first debut on YouTube six-years-ago. For a girl who grew up making “cute room organisation”, hauls and beauty videos, Anastasia is now thriving with 1.33 million subscribers, her own fashion line, a Skinnydip collaboration and a swanky new apartment, where she creates fashion, challenge, home design and day in the life videos. As a twenty-year-old, her continuous hard work and achievements have inspired many of her followers to take on the ‘work hard, reap the awards’ mindset. There is no doubt the young influencer is on her way to more success, as her approach to life has proved to be utterly motivating for both her young and older viewers.

Jordan Lipscombe

In a four-year span, Jordan has grown her YouTube following to 1.89 million subscribers; and it is quite evident why this is the case. Her bubbly and yet genuine persona is reflected in her content, which is based heavily on fashion, beauty, design and travel. The energy she reflects is a reason why her content is proving to be more and more popular. There is no facade that projects a materialistic false image; as a follower, you can see her persistence to succeed.

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Her personal issues are discussed and delved into, but not to the extent where she asks for pity but rather allowed time to heal so she has the strength to come back stronger. Jordan can connect with her viewers and still remain real enough to admit when she needs an escape so when she is back her content is true to itself. Just like she is.

Patricia Bright

After securing her finance and accounting master’s degree and a five-year internship, Patricia created her YouTube channel in 2010 with content covering beauty and fashion. Her ten-year growth on her platform has seen her succeed with helpful videos on finance, fashion, beauty, married life and becoming a mother. Patricia also dedicates her time to her second channel titled ‘The Break’, where she offers advice on career, personal development, and handing your money in an effective manner. Patricia teaches us there are no limits to success; if you are career motivated and willing to put in the time and hard work, then it is possible to make your goal a reality. Her fashion style is also an additional perk to her videos, especially when you are in need of a cost-efficient new outfit! Both witty and stylish, what is not to love? 

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