knix period panties

Period Panties: Are they worth the hype?

Tired of buying tampons or pads every month? Looking for a zero-waste alternative? Maybe it is time to invest in period panties. 

After going on the pill about six years ago, I have been lucky that my period is usually very light. Most months, I wear thong liners with little need to change them throughout the day, so please keep this in mind when reading my experience with wearing period panties. 

    As I only wear liners, I figured period panties would be a great alternative and better for the environment as they are reusable. Also, as a person who has always preferred pads over tampons, I was not worried about them feeling like a diaper. After reading reviews from different websites and rankings of the best period panties through Google, I decided to order from Knix. The site appealed to me, and I enjoyed the wide range of style and colours. The site also had a diverse group of models, which I loved! I decided to invest in two pairs of leakproof thongs and one pair of super-leakproof boy shorts

    Once my order arrived, I was eager to see what the underwear looked like and how it would work. I immediately ripped open the box and tried the underwear on. I cringed at how the mix of nylon and spandex fabric clenched my thighs and waist. Although light and soft, I was ready to ditch the underwear and throw them right in the trash until I read the box. The panties take time to conform to your body, and they begin to shape the longer you wear them. The thong relaxed almost instantly to my body, but the boy shorts took a couple of tries for me to get comfortable in. After three times of trying the boy shorts on and a machine wash later, they finally feel like they fit my curves. I have not yet worn them during a cycle, but they now feel more like underwear and less like a restricting diaper. 

      I felt too confined in the boy shorts to sleep in them this previous cycle. I was disappointed I had to break them in first, especially since my period sometimes sneaks up on me in the middle of the night. For my next cycle, I am now looking forward to wearing the boy shorts for an anxiety-free sleep without worrying about ruining my sheets. The thongs, on the other hand, were great to wear right off the bat. I felt very secure in them. I could wear them with skirts, yoga pants, and more. They were absorbent, and I felt at ease wearing these rather than a liner all day only changing them before bed. With the combination of the four different layers and my light period, there were no odours or stains. The best part is I threw them in the wash right after. 

      Knix underwear absorbs 6-8 tsp of blood, pee, or sweat. If you are not like me and have a heavier period, at the least, these could be a safety net to your primary use products. This underwear could relieve some anxiety about leakage. 

        Although period panties are a better alternative to tampons and pads, they might not be the most cost-effective option. If you are looking for something more affordable, the menstrual cup might be better for you. The panties range around £20, and to last a whole period cycle, you will probably need more than one pair. The purchase is, therefore, more expensive upfront. The menstrual cup might be a better investment as it is long-lasting and more affordable. If the cup isn’t for you and you can invest in multiple period panties, I would recommend it. These will be my go-to underwear during my cycle moving forward.