10 Progressive influencers you need in your life

In a world where Instagram influencers are in huge abundance, we can easily access so much talent. From makeup influencers to eco-activists, there are so many interesting accounts that may catch our eye, and all of this is available at the tap of a button, but it can be difficult to find who is a worthwhile follow. Some of the people featured in this article may not specifically be called influencers, but their content is surely influential, and we are in love with their content.

Bringing you 10 of the best Instagram accounts for feminists like ourselves to follow for feminists, these pages are a brilliant way to filter your Instagram following, tailoring your interests even more. We’ve tagged their accounts below so you can refine your Instagram following as soon as possible.

Abby Roberts

Abby Roberts is a UK-based makeup influencer with a huge following. Aged just 20, Abby is an incredible makeup artist with 2.7 million followers at the time of writing and her creative looks have garnered interest among makeup fans around the world. With her immense abilities, it is no surprise that she recently collaborated with eyelash brand Tatti Lashes, and she is also pursuing songwriting and singing alongside this.

You can follow Abby Roberts on both Instagram (@abbyroberts) and Tik Tok (@abbyroberts).

Charnah Ellesse

Charnah Ellesse is a queer Black woman who is a feminist, a content creator and she produces her own short films on Girlswillbeboys (which she also founded). Her short films are an opening for a conversation surrounding modern-day gender roles and these films include personal stories too. Char Ellesse has also spoken about how she is more than her marginalisation as a Black woman, and she is a voice many of us need to listen to.

You can follow Char Ellesse on Instagram (@ellessechar) and Girlswillbeboys is available on YouTube too.

Evelina Utterdahl

Known as ‘Earthwanderess’, Evelina Utterdahl is fighting for environmental justice and lives a very eco-friendly life. She advocates travelling by train rather than by aeroplane and has even gone 30 days plastic-free! Evelina is also a vegan, as well as being someone who buys locally when travelling. Her community approach is brilliant to see and is another climate activist we can get behind.

You can follow Evelina Utterdahl on Instagram (@earthwanderess)

Nelly London

Nelly London is another influencer from the UK. Her bio on Insta says “that girl with the hip dips”, and she spotlights content on eating disorder recovery and the fact that every body is beautiful. She focuses on being happy physically and mentally, making us all aware of the importance of self-confidence and feeling good in yourself. Nelly London is someone you want to give a follow and we hope her content helps your body confidence to skyrocket.

You can follow Nelly London on Instagram (@_nelly_london).

Hannah Witton

Describing herself as a “sex educator” on Instagram, Hannah Witton has been producing online content over multiple platforms for quite some time now. Her YouTube videos and blog content are fantastic as she creates a safe area to understand sex. Hannah has produced YouTube videos on often “taboo” subjects, including sexual dysfunctions, while also using her Instagram to show her ‘Sexy Scribbles’ and her ‘Hormone Diaries’.

You can follow Hannah Witton on Instagram (@hannahwitton) and on YouTube (hannahwitton).

Ohemaa Bonsu

Ohemaa Bonsu is another makeup content creator on Instagram. Her skills are A+ and we are in love with all the looks she posts. We particularly love this orange, yellow and purple eye look which she produced back in September 2021 (pictured above), with the intricate details sticking out a mile away. She even has a makeup brand called Bonsu Beauty, where she sells some gorge lashes such as the ‘Drama’ lashes and the ‘Ghana’ ones too.

Ohemaa Bonsu can be followed on Instagram (@_ohemaabonsu) as well as on YouTube (OHEMAA).


Alok is a writer, performer, and speaker, with their content focusing on gender. They are the author of Beyond The Gender Binary which focuses on challenging the gender binary, furthering the conversation on how gender can be shaped. On Instagram, Alok also produces book report posts, which allows everyone to further understand the history of gender (and its intersections) especially.

You can follow Alok on Instagram (@alokvmenon).

Rachel Leary

Rachel Leary is a lifestyle and beauty influencer who publishes content on makeup products as well as fashion. She even has a makeup collab with Revolution (which is now in its fourth instalment!) and is producing a podcast too. The ‘Rated R’ podcast focuses on Rachel discussing adult content with experts, making for an educational experience at the same time. She’s definitely worth a follow if you love all things lifestyle on Insta.

Rachel Leary is on Instagram (@rachleary) and YouTube (rachelleary6)

Brianna Fruean

Brianna Fruean spoke on the climate crisis and its effects in Samoa at COP26 recently, and she is absolutely outstanding. Aged 23, Brianna Fruean is making a big impact on the climate conversation and is a voice we should all be listening to as we save the planet. She’s currently a student at university too while being an activist, and her work is making her an environmental advocate to watch as her future is very bright.

You can follow Brianna Fruean on Instagram (@briannafruean)

Becky Evans

Becky Evans is a motoring content creator who is also an automotive presenter. It is brilliant to see a woman in a masculine dominated sphere, and she has made herself a well-known member of the community. Her Insta centres around her driving cars, as well as featuring them in longer videos on her YouTube. If you’re interested in cars and are looking for more women to follow, Becky Evans is a definite must.

Becky Evans is on Instagram (@queenbee) and YouTube (Becky Evans)


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