Manifesting: A Super Simple Guide to Living Your Best Life

Let’s talk about manifesting and affirmations. Sounds a bit other-worldly, right? Don’t worry; my eyebrows shot up, too, when I first read about them on a self-care Instagram page. I was intrigued and, I won’t lie, amused by these claims that a positive mindset and chanting the same sentence over and over again could apparently lead to life-altering changes. But the more I read, the more it made sense. It’s not miraculous magic, but all about our confidence in ourselves and the golden law of attraction.  

What is the law of attraction? 

Basically, it is the idea that having positive thoughts bring positive things into your life, and negative thoughts bring negative things into your life. So, if you keep telling yourself that you’re a bad bitch, a girl boss who doesn’t take any shit, then subconsciously, you will start acting like that. However, if you keep telling yourself you’re not confident or knowledgeable enough to give that big presentation at work, you probably won’t perform your best. 

So, to sum up: good vibes attract good vibes. 

What are affirmations? And how do I do them?

This is when you put the law of attraction into action. There’s been a massive rise in women searching for daily affirmations recently. Who doesn’t want to harness the power of their mind to overcome their insecurities and be fulfilled in life? 

Essentially, affirmations are self-praises that you give yourself every day. Imagine how much better life would be if every time you glanced in the mirror, you told yourself what a happy and radiant woman you were rather than picking apart every flaw.  

Self-praise for women was, for such a long time, seen as over-indulgent and selfish, but who told us this? The patriarchy, of course. We’d be unstoppable if we embraced our full potential.  

Here are some affirmations you can try, either by looking at yourself in the mirror and saying them out loud or even writing them down. However you do it, the key is believing in what you’re saying and absorbing. 

1 “I am doing my best; I am enough.” 

2. “I appreciate my body and everything it does for me.”

3. “I am not perfect, but I’m still beautiful.” 

4. “I’m exactly where I need to be and welcome new challenges and life lessons.”

5. “I am in charge of how I feel, and right now, I choose peace.”

6. “I am worthy just the way I am.”

What exactly do people mean when they talk about manifesting?

Put everything we’ve talked about together into practice, and you’re manifesting – congrats! Have faith in yourself and the universe, and keep thinking about what you want to achieve. You might have noticed that your brain is always thinking about something. Therefore, you’re always manifesting. So let’s try to make sure that the things we’re thinking about are positive whenever passive.

Manifesting is powerful, but it can’t perform miracles, and it’s equally important to respect our mental health and not punish ourselves when we don’t maintain positive thinking. Manifestations are not meant to be another way to make ourselves feel guilty but a valuable tool to kickstart our brains and help us love ourselves. It just takes practice and finding what forms of manifesting work for you. Think of it like masturbating or revising; everyone has their own ways that work for them. 

Now repeat after me: “I am a bad bitch, and the universe has great things in store for me.” And go out and smash your day.