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The New Feminist’s Earth Day reading list

Looking to be a bit more proactive than just tweeting #EarthDay today? We’ve got you! Take a look through our TNF Earth Day reading list!

What to watch this Earth Day

Earth Day is a chance for us all reflect on what we can do to reduce our impact on the planet, educate ourselves on climate change and just generally send some love to mother earth.

So here are a few recommendations of what to watch this Earth Day…

Sustainability on a budget

It’s 2022 and alongside battling the patriarchy and pushing back against misogyny, we’re also dealing with climate change. 

 This Earth Day we can all be looking at how we can reduce our impact on the planet and live more sustainably.

There’s one problem, though. Sustainable living can be expensive. In an ideal world, I would love nothing more than to spend hundreds of pounds in the fancy bio store and deck out my flat with all the best sustainable goods. However, in reality, I, like many others of my generation, are dead broke. Here are just a few ways I’ve found to incorporate sustainability into my life with little to no money.

She Changes Climate: Meet the women fighting for a 50:50 gender balance in climate discussions

Bianca and Antoinette had young people in mind when they co-founded She Changes Climate in November 2020. Their story began with a realisation. As they looked at the leadership team for the 26th United Nations Climate Conference (COP26), they noticed that a mere 15% of the positions were held by women.

Climate change is an emergency for us all, but it will be worse for women and here’s why

While climate change undeniably impacts all communities, all of us, 68% of hundred-thirty studies reviewed by Carbon Brief in 2020 found that women and girls face more climate-related health risks than men and boys.

plus size cheap ethical

Why it’s so hard to find plus-size, ethical AND affordable clothing and where to find it

Finding ethical plus-sized brands can be a difficult task, but finding plus-size, ethical brands which are cheap is practically impossible. Brands that do offer cheap clothes are often fast fashion companies like Shein that not only are terrible for the environment and have questionable production methods but have also been accused of stealing designs by Black creators. Then there are plus-size or ethical brands but they usually cost an arm and a leg. So what do we do?

8 Eco-friendly and menstruation-positive brands helping women everywhere

As women, we tend to spend a lot of money on menstrual products every month. Unfortunately, many of these products are made on non-degradable plastics that can harm our environment. Thankfully, these 8 menstrual companies are creating products that not only help our environment but help women and girls with their menstruation needs. 

Top 10 Skincare Products That Care For You And The Environment

Buying good skincare is no easy task. There are so many available, it can be difficult to condense all the information at once. From sensitive skin to oily skin, there are thousands of products on offer that make choosing the best ones challenging for many of us. In such an oversaturated market, it is also hard to know which ones are best for the environment. This list will help anyone looking for good skincare products who also want a ‘greener’ skincare routine.

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